Navigating Winter Weather

As a native San Diegan, winter weather is an enigma. Dressing for one is even more mysterious. Despite the countless winter wardrobe videos I’ve watched, experiencing the Midwestern chill still took me by surprise. Here are 5 tips I’ve taken to heart in dressing for the cold days (and the even colder ones that are forecasted ahead).


Thermal Wear

Tight turtlenecks or long sleeves, tank tops, and tights have all helped me significantly in retaining my body heat. Having a solid layer that hugs all of the limbs has been a savior -- especially when hit by a gust of wind.



Keeping my ears warm has made a huge difference, and there are so many styles to choose from. Lately, I’ve been wearing a fluffy pink one that keeps not only my ears but also my head toasty.



I remember debating if I should invest in one, and now I’m so grateful that I did. There are many different brands that carry sturdy parkas, and I personally love the puffer-styled ones that shelter me from the rain and snow.



As a musician, this is one of the most helpful on the list. Either wearing gloves or carrying a hand warmer in my pocket has kept my hands warm. I also recommend searching for gloves that let you type on smartphones!


Wearing Double Jackets

If the parka isn’t enough, another jacket underneath can increase warmth instantaneously. In this scenario, I would recommend a parka with wider sleeves and a jacket that isn’t too bulky — something lighter and more slim-fitting.