JJ Lin (2016)

With WILD now less than a week away, it’s important to remember that Wash U’s most famous concert doesn’t come together by itself! That’s where JJ Linn comes in. As the Social Programming Board’s WILD Director, he’s in charge of making sure your WILD is, well, wild.

Name: JJ Linn

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics and Finance Double Major

What is the Social Programming Board, and what’s your role on SPB? Social Programming Board is an entity of the Student Union responsible for providing a diverse set of programs to the undergraduate student body including WILD, Gargoyle concerts, comedy shows, happy hours, and special events. I am currently the WILD director.

So how much work does it take to put together WILD? WILD has been a huge time commitment, but luckily I have an amazing group of people around me that make my life so much easier. With the help of my programming chairs, and general board, we decide on aspects as large as potential artists, to as small as tank top designs. I commit a minimum of 10 hours a week to SPB related work, meetings, and phone calls. It's been an extremely fun and educational experience so far.

How did you get involved with SPB and WILD? During my first semester at WUSTL, I reached out to the programming board at the time (Team 31) to express my interest in event production. They were happy to let me join as a general board member. I then worked my way up from that position, to vendor coordinator, to programming chair, and now WILD director

What has been your favorite part of getting involved with SPB? My favorite part of SPB is the talented and diverse group of people that are on the executive board with me. Each member brings not only a great skill set to the table, but also a unique and usually hilarious personality that leads to the constant inside joke and memorable story.

What do you think your biggest accomplishment has been so far as the WILD Director? With WILD coming up, I hope that my changes to the event make it safer and more enjoyable to the student body. 3LAU and Childish Gambino are both top-tier performers who will make this WILD one to remember.

Make sure to see all of JJ’s work in its entirety at Spring WILD 2014, featuring Childish Gambino and 3LAU, Friday, April 25th, at 5:30 pm in Brookings Quad!