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Change is Coming to Bryant University

On February 23rd, 2016, the Student Arts & Speakers Series was notified that starting in the Fall of 2016 we (along with Bryant@Night...

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Melissa Jinks

Student Program Board president and this week’s Campus Celebrity Melissa Jinks is more than down-to-earth. A senior at UH, Melissa is...

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Clayton Weirick – 2017

If you haven’t been to a Gargoyle concert then the upcoming Smallpools show is a must-see. Smallpools is an amazing up-and-coming artist...

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James Harvey (2017)

Have you always had a thing for the class clown? Then you’ll love this week’s campus cutie. Bearded, hilarious and a little bit of a hot...

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Ishi Metkar (2016)

Ever find yourself wondering what freshman year was like for other students? Well, junior Ishi Metkar is here to show you just that. She’s...

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Jordan Finkelstein (2016)

With the recent announcement of the Fall WILD artist, some of you may be curious about who actually picks these performers and puts...