James Harvey (2017)

Have you always had a thing for the class clown? Then you’ll love this week’s campus cutie. Bearded, hilarious and a little bit of a hot mess, James Harvey is a real gem. When he’s not in back-to-back meetings (treasurer of two organizations!), James can be found at Ibby’s inhaling bistro fries. Read on to learn more about this sophomore cutie! 

Hometown: I grew up in Darien, but just moved to Greenwich. I live in Riverside which is like not actually a town, but its got its own postal code, like just by the border of Old Greenwich. It’s a nice little town.

Major/Minor: Finance and French double major

On-campus involvement: I’m the treasurer for Social Programming Board, treasurer for Beta Theta Pi, Student Union Treasury representative, and vice-commodore for the sailing team. So I do a lot of stuff…I think.

Who's the number one person you want to meet? Ever? Who do you want to meet? Umm like a childhood hero? Write all this down, I want them to get the real experience of me. I would meet the president. Yeah I know, not very original.

Describe your dream date: My dream date is showing up to Ibby’s Bistro at 7 and then immediately ordering two pitchers of sangria and bistro fries. This whole thing is by myself by the way. Then I leave Ibby’s to go on the date. We go to Kings.

Favorite quality in a girl? Laptop stickers. I feel like it really personifies who you want to be. Like Becca you have sh**ty laptop stickers.

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Of my life? Every day.

Guilty pleasure? I could eat an entire huge bag of the fun sized Kit Kats, not the full sized ones.  So sometimes I go to Target and buy like five 100-pack bags and eat them all.

Worst date you’ve ever been on? Well I haven’t been on that many because I don’t date people. I’ve never really had any horrible dates. Except for one time in high school when the girl didn’t speak at all on our date.

Tell me about your first kiss: This girl was taller than me. It was probably like six months in the making, a big day for James Harvey. High school freshman year February, and afterwards I said, “I’ll be back.” And guess what I did? I didn’t come back. But now it’s great, she’s a homie.

What's your Zodiac sign? No idea. I tried to learn it once for my fake, maybe like Pisces?

Where can you be found on a Saturday night? My favorite nights are when I don’t have to leave my building, my “house” I guess they would call it. I think if I don’t have to breathe fresh air, that’s the best night.

Do you have any nicknames? I used to be called “veed” like “weed” back in middle school, when no one knew what weed was. Now everyone calls me by my last name, some people call me Harv.

How do you get ready for a date? I don’t think I’ve ever been on time so… I try and do that. I also try to find clean clothing, clean clothing is nice, but there’s never any guarantee.

What is your favorite physical quality about yourself? I like my beard, when I don’t have a beard I look like a three year old.