Instagram Ad Items You Must Know About

So, Instagram has found my target product: cute, soft items that are not very functional. And I’m here for it. A disclaimer: I have never bought any of these items, so what I say below are not reviews on the products but only my thoughts on them.

Here are some ads for adorable items that I have seen recently:

Bellzi Stuffed Animals

With their round eyes, simple expressions, and compact bodies, these are so very cute. They come in all sorts of animal friends like dinosaurs, foxes, elephants, and even a narwhal. Sold on their website and on Amazon, they are, however, not that cheap. Do I need a narwhal? No. But do I want one? Yes.

Xohalo Bags

Their bags designs look like animals, such as a stegosaurus, a shark, and a panda. I believe they have other exciting designs as well. Though it doesn’t look like the bags can hold much, their quirky, simplistic designs make them great for going out for a brief excursion.

Squishy Animal Slap Lamps

This is a more general category that refers to cute animal (or other objects) lamps that you hit to turn on and off. They are squishy, squat, little lamps. I think the cat slap lamp has been commonly marketed, and recently, I’ve noticed that Walmart had a small toast lamp (not sure if they still sell it online now). Squish the lamp to bring some light into life. Plushies

With plushies that range from dinosaurs to dogs and sizes from small or giant, these look so perfectly squishable. If you get a large enough plushy, it can double as a pillow. You can never have too many soft things in your life.

Mood Plush Octopus

I, for one, have seen these advertised everywhere. It’s a reversible octopus. On one side is a happy face, and the other side is an angry face. I found it to be chubby and stubby. It’s a cute décor item that can also express your mood.


I hope these useless, but adorable products can put a smile on your face.