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How to Beat the Sunday Scaries

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

You roll out of bed on Sunday and stare at your endless to-do list. The fun memories from the day before haunting you as you start to worry about the week ahead. Here are five tips on how to combat those Sunday scaries, and enjoy every day of the week.

1) Treat Yourself

The most important step is to treat yourself. Be your own best friend on your reset day and Grubhub yourself a coffee, get in a quick walk around Forest Park, or watch that tv show you’ve been meaning to catch up on as you get ready. Sunday can be a day of extra care for yourself instead of a day of dread.

2) Make a plan for your day

It’s easy to fill your day with studying and catching up on readings, but you’ll work more efficiently if you mix it up. Make a to-do list full of your academic assignments, prioritize your list, and decide how long each task will take. Go ahead, pick an easy task and do it right then; this could be emailing that professor back or catching up on your Google Calendar. Next, text your friends and make a plan for lunch, and plan a call home. If you work best with tight schedules, go ahead and schedule each hour out.

3) Location

As comfy as it may seem, get out of your dorm and find a new spot to study! You could head over to Forest Park or fight for a spot at the law library reading room. A new location will help keep you on track and change your routine.

4) Eliminate Distractions

I swear that on Sundays it is infinitely easier to scroll for hours. Shuffle your study playlist and bury your phone in your backpack. If you have an especially hard time separating yourself, use a time management app. I recommend “Flora – Green Focus” where you can set timers and watch a tree grow as you work! You can even add your bank information to the app and have them charge you when you open your phone before the timer is up.

5) Nighttime Routine

Create a Sunday night routine where you fit in that hair mask you’re usually too tired to do and make time to watch a movie with your suitemates. Take time to tidy up your deskspace and wipe down your fridge. You can even pick out your outfit for Monday and pack your bag.

Before you know it, you’ll start looking forward to Sunday!

Annie is a sophomore at WashU who enjoys anything involving a coffee run and a St. Louis recommendation.