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1. Make a good playlist for studying

I recommend making a playlist with songs that you would listen to if you were in your feels or trying to get in your feels. This is effective because if you are in your feels, chances are you are more antisocial and want to be left alone which makes for a good study session alone.

2. Study when you have breaks

Rather than leaving all of your studying for the nighttime, study between classes, meetings, going out, etc. This maximizes your time that you have between now and your midterm date.

3. Eat by yourself

I know that it is scary for a lot of people to fathom the idea of sitting down at a table alone but eating alone allows you to eat quicker or do work while you are eating. If you are always eating with your friends throughout the day, you are wasting precious time that you could be studying. In college no one cares whether or not you are eating at a table with 12 other people or if you are chilling at a table by yourself.

4. Find your favorite place to study.

Whether or not it is your dorm room, floor common room, the law library, Olin, the East Asian Library, etc. you need to find somewhere where you are not going to be distracted and where you are most productive. Finding the cozy corner in the middle of a huge library where you feel comfortable, but not too comfortable, will allow your mind to absorb all of the midterm information it can.

5. Get sleep

I know from personal experience these past few weeks that I have not been getting enough sleep due to procrastination and a large workload. But if you are able to maximize your time throughout the day, you will be able to sleep more at night. It is a studied and researched fact that it is better to sleep the night before a test rather than pulling an all-nighter because your brain will retain more information (Professor Bono’s Psychology of Young Adulthood class).

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