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A Guide to B-School Buildings for Non-B-Schoolers

Being an ArtSci student and a committed lover of the humanities, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I know NOTHING when it comes to WashU’s business school. However, there’s no denying that the B-School buildings have tons of amazing resources, study spots, & dining choices that all students can benefit from learning about. With the help of my “business savvy” friends, I would like to do my best to give my fellow non-business classmates a guide to the B-School buildings:


Simon Hall

This building is one of the first you pass when heading from the South 40 to the main campus. There are just a couple things you’ll definitely want to know about Simon, even if you’ll never be taking a class there. For one, it’s the home of Einstein Bagels. If you find yourself craving a bagel, a coffee, or a delicious breakfast sandwich, you definitely need to check out their options. Simon also has the beautiful and secluded Lopata Courtyard. This tranquil outdoor space is tucked away in the center of the building, closed off from the view of the main campus. It’s an ideal study spot if you’re aiming to get some work done while enjoying the nice weather!



Looking for Bauer? Just keep your eye out for a large silver sculpture of a person in hugging their knees (it’s kind of strange, I know). There are so, so many reasons all WashU students should spend some time in Bauer! To start off, it holds the only Starbucks on campus. While the coffee at Whispers “gets the job done” most of the time, sometimes you just really need the familiar taste of your Venti Caramel Macchiato. The best part: they take Bear Bucks! Another reason to visit this business building is to grab a bite at the Bauer Hall Cafe. With options ranging from a personal pizza station to international foods, there’s no possible way to have a bad meal. Arguably the best thing about Bauer is all of the natural light. With a ceiling made entirely of windows, you can grind out some work without feeling like you’ve been trapped in a cave all day. 


Good luck on your B-School journey!

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