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Finals Prep…Apart from the Academic Kind

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

As finals roll around, students are often stressed to the max, unable to find time for themselves amidst the frenzy of papers, projects, and exams galore. Here are extracurricular things to consider incorporating into your finals prep so your “prep” prepares not only your intelligence, but also your wellbeing! 


  1. Set a realistic study schedule with breaks interspersed: Sometimes with finals stress, it’s easy to plan to study all day. Although this may be achievable for some, it may quickly tire you out, making you unable to focus in the days ahead. Instead, opt for studying “chunks” that are mixed with free time. Enjoy your breaks without guilt–you have worked hard and have stayed focused, and now is time to take advantage of a brain break! Get  fresh air outside, grab coffee, chat with suite mates in a common room–whatever you need to refresh! 
  2. Remember to stay hydrated! Eat nutritious meals! Prepare snacks! Maintaining healthy, sustainable habits during a busy time is crucial. Food is fuel and remembering to eat at regular time intervals and remembering to refill your water bottle will help you feel on-track. Try not to overwork yourself and take mealtimes as a time to catch up with suite mates and friends.
  3. Call home: Hearing the voices of parents, siblings, and friends from home often helps to  ground us. Your family and friends will always be here to support you and cheer you on until the end of the semester!


You can do it! Only a few more weeks before SUMMER!

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Wash U '24

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