Clayton Weirick - 2017

If you haven’t been to a Gargoyle concert then the upcoming Smallpools show is a must-see. Smallpools is an amazing up-and-coming artist and has an energy that makes anyone want to dance.  But who is behind all of theses amazing shows? Meet Clayton Weirick, Social Programming Board’s Concerts Director. When he’s not longboarding around campus, you can find him staked out in Student Union sending contracts and calling vendors. Read on to learn more about Clayton and the work he does for the Social Programming Board!

Year: 2017

Major/minor: Double majoring in English and Film

On campus involvement: Social Programming Board (SPB), Sigma Chi, Sublime literary magazine, Kuumba


How and when did you first become involved with SPB?


As a sophomore first semester I decided to apply to both exec and cabinet. I guess my interview went well because I got the job of Concerts Director.


What are your responsibilities as Concerts Director?


My main responsibility is bringing concerts to the Gargoyle that I think will appeal to the student body and that differ from WILD with a wider variety of genres.


Have you always been interested in music and event planning?


Certainly always music. I don’t even consider music a hobby, I study music and specifically take time out of my day just to listen to music. I have no formal experience with event planning except from planning my house parties (don’t hate me).


How did you choose Smallpools for the Gargoyle?


We had a list of ten potential options made with our executive board and committee and reviewed them. Then we sent that list out to student body and worked top down from the most popular option. Smallpools was third most popular option, but was the first available. Before that we tried bringing Milky Chance but he was too expensive.


Why is the Smallpools concert a must-see?


Smallpools is a must-see because they’re a very up-and-coming band. They’ve only been on an upward trajectory since their first release and I thought their music would widely applicable to students. They also made it onto the FIFA soundtrack which is a big draw for the men of this campus. Their music is upbeat and since they’re still small they’ll be excited to play any show they’re given.


Favorite thing about Gargoyle concerts?


How close the students can get to the performers. I don’t really love the aesthetics of the place and I think I can say that about most students, but it’s pretty cool they can get so close to the artists. Last year Shwayze came off the stage and hugged a bunch of students so that’s pretty cool.


Who is your favorite artist?


Currently? Can I pick like three or four? Tame Impala is a must, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar for certain, and I might as well throw Flume in there.


What’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far on SPB?


Honestly the coolest part is getting to spend casual time with the bands I bring. It feels novel and I’m not going to be do that many other times in my life so having the lead singer of Smallpools’ number and being able to call them is cool.


If you were a musician, what would your band name be?


Alta Vista because that’s the street my best friend lived on growing up and I spent a lot of time there and if I were ever going to start a band it would be with him. It means “high view.”


How can one get involved with SPB?


SPB Executive Board applications are out right now, so if you’re interested in being a part of our organization I would highly recommend filling one out. More information is available on our website,