7 Tips for Trying Zumba for the First Time

If you are anything like the clumsy pile of incoordination that is me and you have never danced a day in your life, then Zumba is perfect for you.


You are very unlike me and you have been dancing since you were still in diapers, then Zumba is perfect for you too, I guess….just not as awkward.


But truly, Zumba could be a fun experience if you follow the steps below for your first class.

For me, dancing at parties was always forceful and bit uncomfortable and the only times I felt comfortable “letting loose” was in my shower back at home (a good 1,000 miles away).


After finding out there were free workout classes at WashU, my friends forced me to partake and dragged me to a Zumba class.


I mean, how could I not go? (especially with the freshman 15 looming over my head).      Modern Family Sofia Vergara GIF - ModernFamily SofiaVergara GloriaDelgadoPritchett GIFs

Having never gone to a gym I felt like I needed to step up my game in college. With my last half and half from BD still sitting in my stomach my friends and I took a trip to the rec center to take our first Zumba class.


So please learn from my mistakes and awkwardness and enjoy your first Zumba class.


TIP #1—Keep your shoes on please!

Don’t be that person in the class who takes off their shoes. No one needs to smell that. Plus, it is dangerous. Traditional running sneakers are perfect but truly any form of sneaker will do for beginners. Yes, you will the occasional amazing dancer in elite footwear, just stare at them in awe and you do you.


TIP #2-Bring water

One misconception I had was that it would be easy so I had no water with me and died a little on the inside.

You will for sure be sweating a few minutes into the class! The teacher will give you time for a break in between songs and feel free to stop when you feel like you need a break.


TIP #3- DO NOT stand in the front

If you do not know the routine don’t go in the front.

1. You want to create as little embarrassment and as much comfort for yourself in your first class as possible

2. You will see yourself in the mirror and freak-out like I did about your own sad dancing skills

TIP #4- Don’t compare yourself to the regulars

Many of them already know the routines and have been doing this for years.


TIP #5-Roll with it

You will mess up--please just go with it!


TIP #6-Go with friends

Go with friends because it is fun if you all get into it and can laugh at each other!


TIP #7-Laugh at yourself

Everyone is too focused on themselves to worry about what you look like! Just have fun and pretend you are dancing in the shower back at home! No one will care! Let loose!


Lastly, please have fun! The more you say it to yourself the greater a chance it may come true….

I hope that helped you take the leap and go to your first FREE Zumba class. Free. Now go do it!


by Julia Rae