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5 New St. Louis Spots to Check Out ASAP

Some of them are already open to the public and some are preparing to open their doors soon, but either way, you need to check out these 5 STL hot spots ASAP. From freshly baked donuts to big, steamy bowls of ramen, you’re in for a treat (literally). You can find a full review of Vincent Van Doughnut by Spoon University- Wash U.

1. Vincent Van Doughnut (open): This new joint can be added to your go-to rotation between Strange Donuts and John Donut. I’m not even a donut person, and even I was wowed. There are numerous varieties but they only bake a fraction of them each day, so you can go back each time to a surprise selection of flavors. That obviously means you have to frequent Vincent Van Doughnut to make sure you try ‘em all. This doughnut shop is located on North Central Ave., perfectly placed just down the street from Starbucks. 

Photo by Sydney Davis

2. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (coming soon): This small-batch ice cream company originated in Columbus, OH and their pints are now available across the country, including in our very own Brentwood Whole Foods. Having grown up in Cleveland, I loved Jeni’s even before it was trendy. Just throwing that out there. Our very own Jeni’s ice cream shop is scheduled to open in Central West End late this spring, hopefully before we graduate. Jeni’s features both classic and inventive flavors, from Madagascar Vanilla Bean to Brambleberry Crisp (you must try this). They weren’t messing around when they named their classic chocolate ice cream “Milkiest Chocolate In The World.” I can promise you that.


3. Salt + Smoke (open): Many of you have probably already visited Salt + Smoke, but if you haven’t, do so immediately. My friends and I had heard mixed reviews, and I don’t usually go out of my way to eat BBQ. But with Salt and Smoke being so conveniently placed on the Loop, we figured we’d give it a try. SO glad we did. Make sure you check out the Hush Puppies, which are essentially savory donuts with sweet butter. Our waiter recommended them, and he was a very wise man. Also, an important note to vegetarians: They have a great veggie burger!


4. Público (open): More tacos on the Loop- just what we need! Seriously though, I’ve heard great things about this place. It located right next to The Good Pie and the two restaurants are actually run by the same owner. This could be a new go-to dinner location for seniors living by the Loop.


5. Nami Ramen (coming soon): This spot is replacing House of Wong and will feature—you guessed it—ramen! It’s conveniently located on North Central Ave. right by all your favorites—Barcelona, Coastal, Chipotle, Crushed Red and now Vincent Van Doughnut. Nami Ramen is scheduled to open in late spring.



Article cover image by Sydney Davis (Pictured: Lemon Lavender doughnut from Vincent Van Doughnut)

Sydney Davis is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Film & Media Studies and minoring in Writing. She loves running, exploring new cities, fashion, boating, and most importantly, Whole Foods. 
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