4 Out-of-the-Box Pledge Class Bonding Activities

With the women’s recruitment process finally over and sorority madness just beginning, opportunities for pledge class bonding are abundant. To go beyond the classic pledge class pregames and BD dinners in College Hall, here are a few ideas to become closer to your new sisters.

1) Ice skating

Though it may seem daunting to brave the harsh wind and below-freezing temperatures, making the trek to Forest Park to Steinberg Skating Rink is well worth it. Having to hold on to each other and making fun of yourselves as you watch each other fall flat on your butts is a seamless way to get closer to one another.

2) Baking

I’m sorry but what girl doesn’t like to eat? Piling into one of those tiny dorm kitchens and working together to make cookies or brownies will be a yummy way to get closer. Bonus: use frosting to decorate the cookies/brownies and have an exchange where you give the one you decorate to a girl you don’t know well in your pledge class.

3) Slumber Party

44 girls in onesies laying in sleeping bags sounds so seventh grade, but there’s a reason why those nights were always the best nights in middle school. Though our dorm rooms are definitely too small to fit an entire pledge class, a common room or an upperclassman’s off-campus apartment could be the perfect place to spend the night bonding.

4) Super Bowl Party

It’d be more accurate to call this the “Halftime plus the other stuff Party.” While it won’t be nearly as exciting as last year without Queen B performing, eating an absurd amount of buffalo wings and guacamole while joking about how little you know about football will certainly make for a fun time.