10 Trends From the 90's That Are Making a Comeback

Even though I was born in 1999, I still fight people on the fact that I should be considered a 90s baby. Why do I care so much? Because the 90s was arguably the best decade for many reasons, but the main reason is that fashion will never be as great as it was in the 90s. Here’s a top 10 list of 90s trends that are making a comeback.

10. Overalls with the strap down

9. Timberlands

8. Jansport Backpacks

7. Bomber Jackets

6. Mini Backpacks

5. Doc Martens

4. Tommy Hilfiger

3. Scrunchies

2. Chokers

1. Plaid Pleated Skirts


By Sydney Wasserman

gifs: giphy.com