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Like a normal day, as it would seem

I acted as if I could understand

the things which you command

all because I know you would destroy my self-esteem


I nodded my head and smiled brightly

Knowing that I should fake this

If I don’t I might get dismissed

With those words that were said politely

Image from Pixabay


I look through the room

No one mutters a single word

but I know they heard

and here they come to spike doom


You see their eyes make contact

And hear their murmurs of doubt

You don’t know why you’re here

when all you feel is being attacked

neither from screams nor shout

but from the silence they shear



Eli Signo

Waseda '21

an aspiring writer with plenty of hopes and dreams. the downside is i always type in lowercase because i'm not used to seeing a lot of capital letters in one sentence.
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