Trending #1 Cafe in Taipei: Coffee_Tea_Or

I still vividly remember when I came across this Instagram post of a new coffee shop opening in Taipei last September. The concept of this cafe is so creative, and the location of this cafe is not too far away from where I live back home. It is well-known by most people that the coffee/cafe industry is extremely competitive in major cities worldwide; my hometown, Taipei, is definitely no exception. 

This new cafe, which is called Coffee_Tea_Or, is located at the Eastern District of Taipei, which is known to be a highly developed area with the highest density of restaurants and cafes within the city. Here are the three major reasons why Coffee_Tea_Or is considered as the hottest cafe in Taipei.

Reason 1: The boss of this cafe is a well-known Taiwanese celebrity.

Ben Wu is a popular Taiwanese male actor, singer, and dancer. He has gained popularity over the past few years by showing off his versatile personalities through being the protagonist of many Taiwanese dramas; Ben has also released a few albums that contain amazing ballads and dance tracks. I have been his fan since 2015 when he made his debut as an actor. 

One day, I came across Ben’s Instagram post, in which he posted going to Coffee_Tea_Or with his good friends; I was surprised when I found out that he actually went there a few days in a row. In the end, I realized that Ben is the boss of this cafe! He opened Coffee_Tea_Or with two of his good friends. When I finally got to visit this cafe last November, I even got to see Ben in person as he frequently visits his cafe, which made me freak out a bit. Most people who visit this cafe are ‘lovers’ (Ben’s fandom name) because they have a good chance of seeing him in real person.

Reason 2: This cafe has a section that sells trendy glasses.

In Coffee_Tea_Or, there is a section that sells round glasses under the brand KlassiC. The reason why this cafe also sells glasses is because this particular glasses brand is one that Ben invests in. KlassiC sells handcrafted, stylish glasses and shades that may be your new favorite accessory, so be sure to shop at the glasses section in the cafe as well if you are looking for fashionable glasses.

Reason 3: This cafe is a highly photogenic one.

Some people visit cafes because they want to take those pretty photos for their next Instagram post. When you step into Coffee_Tea_Or, you will definitely not be disappointed by how photogenic this cafe is! The cafe decor is based on blue and white, which emits a sense of brightness, comfort, and freshness. The cafe reminds me of the famous Blue Bottle Coffee shop, which is also based on simple blue and white decor. 

While you can already take many photos inside Coffee_Tea_Or, you can also take cute photos on the wall right outside the cafe. The blue hand gesture on the white wall shows a ‘grabbing something’ gesture, so you can try and put your drink between the gap of the fingers and easily get a photo for Instagram. In addition, the barista in the cafe puts a sticker with a short, written message on your drink cup, which gives you another chance to take more good photos.

Coffee_Tea_Or is a relatively new cafe that only opened since last September, but their store boasts so many different types of drinks, including the highly popular oat milk latte and the recently released classic small-leaf milk tea. They also sell delicious soft-baked chewy chocolate cookies, cakes, pies, and even seafood mushroom cream soup (soup is only sold for a limited time). If you get the chance to visit Taipei, be sure to mark down Coffee_Tea_Or and pay a visit.