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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waseda chapter.

Dear 2020, we have finally come to the last month of you. While this year has been an overwhelming ride for most people worldwide, we all need some time to just slow down and listen to our surroundings. For me personally, music has always been my number one go-to remedy, as songs and melodies can bring me instant comfort. If you are on the search for some new songs to add to your 2020 year-end playlist, here are some songs that I would like to recommend for the year-end.

1. Life Goes On by BTS

I won’t go into any long explanations, but Life Goes On is really ‘the song’ that reminds you everything will be fine and your everyday life will go on. Whether you just woke up, are returning home from working all day, or going to sleep, this is the perfect song for you as the warm, soothing melody and beautiful lyrics will make you feel better and more relaxed.

2. The Longest Movie by Jay Chou

As the most renowned male Taiwanese artist in Mandopop, this beautiful ballad is one of Jay’s most popular hits. While the weather turns cold as we step into the winter season, The Longest Movie fits well with the sentimental vibes and chilly climate. Shouldn’t Be, a classic song also sung by Jay with the accompaniment of A-Mei, is also a great choice for your year-end playlist.

3. It’s You by Henry

This amazing, touching, English song was released as a K-drama OST, and the lyrics are really well-written. This is one of my personal favorite ballads to listen to every now and then, and this song also aligns with the winter time. I am sure you will love this song filled with emotions and soothing melody.

4. Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne

For some people, old Avril songs will always be meaningful and hold a special place in their hearts. This was truly a big hit and remains as an anthem for when you are longing for your loved ones. Again, Wish You Were Here fits well with year-end and winter season feelings. Sometimes, you just want to revisit the classic pop songs, right? 

Bonus: Christmas songs

It’s never too early to start to listen to Christmas carols, and I’m sure some people are already doing so. Whether it be the old Christmas classics, or newer renditions of the holiday spirit, it wouldn’t be bad idea to add a few Christmas hits to your playlist!

Hopefully you’ll find the songs that I have recommended above as perfect for the year-end, since we all need some music to cheer up and vibe with, especially during this season. Allow me to go and listen to Life Goes On one more time.

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