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Humans of Waseda – Corrina Gross

Meet Corrina Gross, an exchange student studying at Waseda University’s School of International Liberal Studies!

Home School: Bard College, Asian Studies major

Q1. What is “color” to you? 

I think that color can be something very personal and I’ve always thought that it’s interesting how two people can look at the same object and view it as a different color. To me, I think color is an important way for me to express myself! Studies have shown that color can affect someone’s mood. Because color can leave a big impression on people, I’ve always thought that the way you express yourself through color can also have a strong impact! For that reason, I love wearing bright and bold colors because I think it is important for me to express my personality through my daily fashion!

Q2. How do you stay being positive? 

I stay positive by trying my best to only do things that are in my best interest and that make me happy! I always make sure I have time to put myself first when I need it, while still doing my best to balance school, work, and a social life. The real key to my positive personality is that I, most importantly, surround myself with amazing human beings who I’m proud to call my friends! It’s hard to be sad when you have wonderful people by your side!


Q3. What inspires you to study history? 

On a very basic level, I believe that history is really important and it affects how we all interact with each other, whether we notice it or not. I’ve always been interested in learning about different cultures and internationalism, so I think history is essential to fully understand all of those things. History isn’t just knowing what happened in the past, it is also understanding what informs your present and it can help you make sense of your future. 

Q4. What is your favorite part about living in Japan? 

I’ve experienced so many new things here — from commuting everywhere by train, to trying new foods and experiencing a real Japanese MatsuriBut by far, I would have to say that my favorite part has been getting to know all the people I’ve met here! Not only have I made many amazing Japanese friends, but I’ve also felt so welcomed by the incredible international community that I’ve come to know through Waseda!


Q5. What are your goals for the future?

My first goal is to graduate college! After that, I’m not sure where life will take me! For now, I’ll most likely go on to get a Master’s degree and, hopefully, a P.H.D. in Asian Studies. If I don’t get sick of academia by then, maybe I’ll become a professor at a small private liberal arts college. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably open up a funky vintage clothing boutique in San Francisco and I’ll live right above it in a small apartment with three cats.

Thank you for sharing your stories, we cannot wait to see how bright and colorful your future is!

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