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“Humans of Waseda” Campaign Looking for Cool Individuals

Photos of featured individuals

Waseda University is home to thousands of students. Some stick around for the long-run and some are here one moment and gone the next. Seeing such a diverse group of students around campus is a wonderful thing, but have you ever wondered about what’s going on in the brilliant minds of your fellow schoolmates? What are their hopes, fears, and dreams? It’s far too easy to pass each other by without a second thought. In an attempt to remedy this, Her Campus Waseda brings you *drum roll please*…

Humans of Waseda!

In our newest segment inspired by the original Humans of New York, we pick the brains of Waseda students and share their most profound, silly, and inspirational thoughts with all of you (along with a nice photo)!

If you or someone you know would like to be featured, feel free to send us a Facebook message or e-mail us at waseda@hercampus.com!

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