Free Printing In Waseda

Printing one page at a convenience store costs you 10 yen ($0.10) in Japan. It might be essential to print a hundred pages of reading materials every single week when you are studying in Waseda University, and soon you may realize that you cannot pay your rent because printing costs are doubtlessly expensive. Fear not! Free printing services are provided in Waseda University in libraries and buildings. Among them, Building 22's Printing Centre (located on floor B1) is pretty outstanding.

In fact, most of the Japanese courses are held at Building 22; hence, you can print your readings after classes. In addition, it is opened 24/7, even on holidays. A lot of printers are provided. With your student ID and password, you can enjoy the printing services for free.

Although not providing printing papers for the users might be considered as the fly in the ointment, printing papers can be easily bought in nearby Donkihote and other supermarkets, and 500 printing papers cost less than $5, which is very cost effective.

Free scanners are also provided here!