'Detective Pikachu' is Here and I Don't Know How to Feel About It

If you have been online recently, chances are you have stumbled across the news that the live-action film, Detective Pikachu is soon to hit the big screen. With Ryan Reynolds--the man most of us probably associate with the raunchy and foul-mouthed superhero, Deadpool--voicing Pikachu. With realistically animated versions of your favorite Pokemon characters coming along for the ride, this new movie is nothing if not bold.

Photo courtesy of Polygon

Since the release of its first trailer, social media sites such as Twitter have already exploded with Detective Pikachu memes and hilarious plot predictions. While some are clearly excited about this new take on Pikachu and the Pokemon universe, others are horrified. I must say, I am among the horrified.

Although I can't say that I'm a hardcore Pokemon fan (I've never even tried to play Pokemon Go), I know that it is a large part of people's lives and childhoods. For decades, the Pokemon franchise has taken on many forms. From video games to its animated TV series, Pokemon has never stopped evolving and taking risks. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this risk is one better left not taken. Most critics of the film point to the 'realistic' renderings of the characters, many calling them 'gross'. I am mostly indifferent and maybe a little curious about these re-imagined Pokemon characters, except when it comes to the film's titular character, Pikachu. It is here where many of my questions and frustrations arise.

Photo courtesy of Slash Film

My main question being, why Ryan Reynolds? Why is he Pikachu? Yes, he is hilarious as Deadpool, but is Pikachu really in need of the Deadpool treatment? I suppose one of my biggest worries is that this film will turn into another Ted, turning otherwise adorable beings into annoying and snarky creatures.

Additionally, although Pikachu's original voice actress (Ikue Otani) is said to be voicing a version of Pikachu in the film, I can't help but feel like there is a serious lack of Japanese representation. Aside from Watanabe Ken, and Ikue Otani's voice, there seems to be a disappointing disconnect between the franchise and its country of origin, but I digress. My early criticisms and skepticism aside, I hope that fans of Pokemon will enjoy what Detective Pikachu has to offer.

Thanks for reading! :)