3 Talented Diamond-Certified YouTubers

The blooming, on-the-rise YouTuber phenomenon has been constantly discussed these past few years in the Taiwanese young adult society, yet YouTubers have been prevalent and comparatively less discussed in Western societies. I'm sure most of you are subscribed to various YouTubers on your YouTube accounts, but I would specifically like to share three globally successful YouTubers that provide unique content worth watching.

(Diamond certified = when a YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers, the YouTuber will get a customized YouTube “diamond play button” as a certificate of this milestone.)

YouTuber 1: Rosanna Pansino 

If you enjoy watching videos on baking and lifestyle channels, I’m sure this channel rings a bell to some of you. Rosanna Pansino, more commonly called Ro, has one of the most popular baking channels on YouTube. She has been running her YouTube channel for nearly 10 years and surpassed the 10 million subscriber milestone in February 2019.

Ro’s baking segment on her YouTube channel is called Nerdy Nummies, in which she invites various YouTubers (one per episode) to bake themed desserts with her. Besides her love for baking, Ro also posts fun challenge videos and lifestyle videos quite frequently. I have been her subscriber for around three years, and watching her new videos has become a biweekly routine. What makes Ro’s videos fun to watch are her funny interactions with other famous YouTuber friends, her natural, bright personality, and her contagious laughter. 

Ro finally released her baking line this year after several years of planning; it soon became number 1 selling on Amazon. She also released 2 cookbooks and held various fan meetings.


Photo courtesy of Rosanna Pansino's Official Facebook Page

YouTuber 2: JFlaMusic

J.Fla is an amazing female Korean YouTuber musician, and I’ve been listening to her music since February of last year. I clearly remember when I first listened to J.Fla’s music through randomly scrolling online news: her angelic voice immediately captivated me.

J.Fla not only does beautiful covers of hit songs; she also writes her own music and has released her original merch. She has a cute name for her fans, which is gardeners. As a Korean singer, her English vocal pronunciation and voice tone is truly unique and deserves more attention. J.Fla has been on YouTube for 8 years; her talent and enthralling vocals made her garner 13.6 million subscribers. I especially enjoy hearing songs in which J.Fla shows off her perfect, high-pitched notes.


Photo courtesy of JFla Official Facebook Page​

YouTuber 3: Kurt Hugo Schneider

Last but not least, the one and only Kurt. I have to mention him because I have never seen a more creative-minded, talented YouTuber musician than him. He has been on YouTube for 12 years and has a massive fanbase of 12.4 million subscribers. Kurt has released various unique music covers with crazy ideas and wrote his own music as well. I love seeing him and other famous YouTuber musicians collab because they turn out to be amazing every time!

Kurt reads the comments under his videos, and he started the idea of ‘rewriting a famous song without ever hearing it’ recently. Every time I see Kurt create a new song, I always find it mind-blowing. He has covered K-pop songs and also Chinese songs on his channel. Kurt self-studied Chinese for 6 months and can speak the language fluently (again, pure talent); therefore, he has also collaborated with some Taiwanese YouTubers and musicians.

As I had been listening to Kurt’s music for 3.5 years, it is really hard to pick a favorite. 


Photo courtesy of ​Kurt Schneider's Official Facebook Page

Rosanna Pansino, JFlaMusic, and Kurt Hugo Schneider are three creative, talented YouTubers that stand out from all YouTubers due to the fact that they are constantly creating interesting, distinct video content. If you have time, be sure to check these three out!