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Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever

It’s Pancake Day! Impress and delight your flatmates with this super-easy recipe. 

You will need:

Frying pan
Big-ish bowl for mixing ingredients 
Whisk (a fork will do)
Spatula (unless your pancake-flipping skills are second-to-none)
A mug (size will depend on how many pancakes you want to make!)

Flour (plain or self-raising is fine)
1 medium egg
Butter/Cocunut oil for frying 
A selection of toppings to suit everyone – common ones include Nutella and banana, lemon and sugar, and golden syrup. 


  • Fill the mug with flour and put it in the bowl
  • Fill the mug with milk to the same level as the flour and add to the bowl
  • Whisk/mix the flour and milk until there are as few lumps as possible 
  • Add one egg and whisk again 
  • Heat coin-sized amount of butter/oil in the pan and when it starts to bubble move it around to coat the pan 
  • Add mix according to how big or thick you want your pancakes to be! 
  • When you start to see bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake, it’s time to flip! 
  • Keep flipping until your pancakes are nice and golden brown
  • Serve, top, and enjoy! 


Emily-Rose. Proudly studying Film and Literature at The University of Warwick, UK. Follow my adventures on Instagram! @emilyrose.g
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