Wake’s Only Multicultural Sorority Hosts Big Tent- A Showcase of Unique Identities

Wake Forest contains several fraternities and sororities that support philanthropy, service, and brother/sisterhood. For Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc., there’s an additional pillar supported by the sisters: multicultural awareness. As the only national multicultural greek sorority on campus, Delta Xi Phi makes it a goal to promote the many facets that make each individual unique.

On Saturday April 28th, Delta Xi Phi hosted its annual Big Tent event out at Manchester Plaza. Throughout the month of April, the sorority members hosted office hours where members of the Wake Forest community could paint a picture that represents their identity (or part of their identity). The paintings all had unique aspects of one’s background with many having flags, animals, and hobbies sprawled across the canvas. These paintings were then displayed under a colorful tent that was also covered in drawings and words of cultural diversity.

Ariana Antezana, president of Delta Xi Phi, commented on her experience with the Big Tent event this year:

"The process of actually putting up the big tent was incredible. To see all my sisters come together and work together to build a tent that means so much to the Winston-Salem area demonstrated where we always need to be: together and united especially when it comes to supporting everyone’s identity. This was the theme of Big Tent, embracing your identity. Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc has been a small sisterhood. By being small we are able to get closer to each other and get to know each other for all our quirks."

Crystal Zhao, a current member of the sorority was also in attendance at Big Tent and spoke about her experience:

"My favorite part of the event was the moment we rose the tent up together! Sister-bonding moment!"

The event was attended by sorority members, members of the Wake Forest community, and even elementary school students from a local Winston-Salem school. Many of the artists returned to admire their work while appreciating the artwork of others and the identities associated with them. Big Tent was a fun and educational way of showcasing multicultural uniqueness, awareness, and appreciation.

Photo courtesy: Layla Ghiai