Ode to Olaplex

By: Julia de Petra

    As a freshman from California, I was in for a significant change in surroundings when I decided to attend Wake Forest. Back home, the dry heat made it easier to tame the my frizz-prone hair. After adjusting to that dry environment, I had no idea what I was in for when I got on the plane to a hot and humid North Carolina summer.

Before leaving California, my hair stylist suggested I use a new product to prevent frizziness and repair the damage done to my hair from dye and straighteners. She told me that the Kardashians swear by it, and that was all I needed to hear. Olaplex No. 3 is a clear hair repairing mask intended for those (like me) who struggle with frizz and damaged hair. Retailing at around $28 at Sephora, this product is well worth your money. Unlike conditioner, which helps temporarily moisturize your hair, Olaplex acts as a glue that bonds split ends together.

The directions on the bottle say to apply generously to wet hair for a minimum of 10 minutes, but my stylist explained that it is more effective to use it on dry hair and sleep with the product overnight. She also suggested I keep my hair in a bun while sleeping with the product in to avoid getting my pillow dirty. A helpful tip that she gave me was to apply it to dry hair, which proves more effective. Similar to how lotion can sink into your pores more effectively on dry skin, dry hair absorbs Olaplex better.

Although I experienced a traumatizing frizz attack upon arriving at Wake, Olaplex now has me hooked after just 4 weeks of use. My hair feels smoother, my split ends are slowly repairing, and my hair is growing in healthier than ever. Whether you are having hair issues or not, I would suggest this treatment to anybody, as you can never go wrong with softer-feeling hair. Olaplex has not only improved my hair health--it has improved my confidence too.