Maya Elia: What It's Like to be An Amazon Prime Campus Amabassador

Maya Elia is a sophomore at Wake Forest from Dallas, Texas. From being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority to being one of the most recent admits to the Business School at Wake, Elia decided to add another thing to her plate this year.

Over the summer, Elia applied to be an Amazon Prime Student Campus Ambassador. After an application process (including two interviews), Elia received the position in August and worked as a campus ambassador at Wake for the greater part of the academic year. With her role coming to an end just last week, Elia shares her experience with Her Campus.

Her Campus: Why did you decide to become an ambassador?

Maya Elia: For starters, I wanted some good marketing experience. It’s also a paid job, so it was nice to have the extra income. It also kind of connected me to more students on campus, which I really liked and I was able to reach out to campus organizations. There are just tons of perks.

HC: How exactly does it connect you to students?

ME: [As an ambassador] we’re required to do weekly events, so I partnered with many organizations on campus, put up tables in popular areas, like Benson, where I could give away some promotional items. So it’s partnering with just students walking around and with existing organizations.

HC: On a weekly basis, what else did the job consist of?

ME: We had a weekly status call, so we communicated and GroupMed with our account managers. We also had a social media requirement every week, which was like two Instagram posts or Snapchat posts and then finally we had to do a weekly event.

HC: Wow that’s busy.

ME: Yeah it was a lot.

HC: Are you interested in pursuing a career in marketing?

ME: I am in the Business School so I am hoping to study marketing, new business developments…

HC: Are you B.E.M.?

ME: Yes, but just something along those lines so I could get experience on how to advertise and market.

HC: Has the ambassador program been helpful?

ME: Yeah, oh for sure. Just working with time constraints and stuff like that has been really beneficial.

HC: What would you say was the hardest part about being an ambassador?

ME: It was hard to balance it all with school, social life, and extracurricular activities because I did have to do everything every week and you couldn’t get away with not doing one thing. So, I think just balancing everything and still making sure I did a good job when I was busy with other things.

HC: Would you recommend it to other people?

ME: Yeah, for sure!