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Looking for New Music? Spotify’s Got You Covered

In a music slump? Sick of listening to all the same songs? Most of us have our favorite type of music that we stick to. Maybe you’re into country and are anxiously awaiting Luke Combs’ full album release, or you’re more of an R&B person and are loving Bryson Tiller’s new 10 song EP. Yet, sometimes even though we have our favorite type of music and love the songs we are listening to, we don’t always know where to find new music. 

I know that I always get tired of the same big-name artists being the only thing that I am exposed to on the radio or in the news when there is so much more out there! Until about a year ago, I never knew where to search for newer or smaller artists. I felt like I had my same 25 songs on repeat and would occasionally add a pop song that was grossly overplayed on the radio. A year ago I was exposed to the best creation on Spotify and I fell immediately out of my slump. 

That creation is… New Music Friday! This is a weekly playlist that is updated every Friday with all the newest songs from that past week. The playlist is not genre-specific so you can find the latest rap from Travis Scott or the latest big pop release by Justin Bieber. You can find slow music, fast-paced electronic dance, and everything in between. This playlist has broadened my music taste and taken it to new levels. Every Friday I have a routine of putting the playlist on shuffle and just listening whether it’s on a walk, in the car with my friends, or while I’m getting ready for a dinner out. I add at least 5 new songs minimum to my playlist every week, providing me with so much more variety. A lot of times the playlist has one song from a larger album release and it leads me to discover a full album. I also find smaller or new artists that I have never heard of before. I love the playlist because it brings excitement to my Fridays knowing that I am going to be experiencing something new. It switches up the music I listen to and keeps me from falling back into the slump of the same 25 songs. Last week, my roommate told me I had some of the best music taste she knows. If you use that playlist, you too can be the friend that everyone wants to have on AUX. 


Here are my top 5 favorites from this past Friday: 

1. “going out” – ROLE MODEL 

2. “Paid Off” – Russ 

3. “Strangers” – Mallory Merk 

4. “Crybaby” – Dreamer Boy 

5. “Cheap Sunglasses” – John K 


Colleen Condon

Wake Forest '23

Hi I am Colleen Condon and I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University! I am majoring in Psychology and Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from the suburbs of Chicago and love participating in HerCampus. I am super into sports, playing soccer and basketball in high school and now playing club basketball in college. I am also interested in wellness. As a pescatarian and an avid gym attendee I am always looking for ways to better myself!
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