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Lending a Helping Hand with Bella Hunt

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

We all have causes that we care about – for junior Bella Hunt, it is international hunger and poverty.  The best part is – she is taking strides to make a difference by helping those without enough food or resources to live healthy lives.  As a caring individual with an innovative spirit, Hunt is the President of Nourish International, a campus organization originally started by Pike and Chi-O that serves to make a difference in international poverty by raising money through student-run business ventures on campus. 

“I 100 percent have a passion for community service,” Hunt told Her Campus.  “But I actually think what drives me with Nourish is – I really like fixing things.  I love puzzles.  I really love tangled necklaces – like getting them tangled and then untangling them.  Nourish is something that was handed to me, and it was a mess.  It was falling apart – there were no members, [but] it was something that could potentially do something really great, and so I was really excited to take over and bring it to its full potential.”

This summer, the Wake Forest chapter of Nourish International is teaming up with Wellesley College to send a group of students to India, where they will be building sustainable gardens for families affected by HIV/AIDS.  The students will also be teaching hygiene classes as a way to stop the spread of preventable diseases.  If you’re looking to get more involved on campus, consider joining Nourish International

Hunt has her own words of motivation for why she believes students on campus should join Nourish: “People should join Nourish because we do good things for the world.  We’re helping people who are impoverished and hungry, and I think that’s worth getting involved in.  Nourish is also an outlet for getting your creativity out.  We have ideas all the time and they sit in our brains, and this is our chance to do them and see if they’re possible.  And you’re not just doing it – you’re making a difference.”

Outside her leadership role as President of Nourish International, Hunt is on the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team at Wake Forest.  She is also the secretary of the Volunteer Service Corps, a member of the Project Pumpkin committee, and a student leader of the Wake Alternative Break (WAB) trips – all while juggling a double major in physics and business!

So where does Hunt get her inspiration for helping others? “I have a love for people, and I think that seeing people smile just makes my day,” she told us.  “Anything I can do to make people feel good makes me feel good.  There’s just something so beautiful about seeing somebody have their day made.  Sad people – they’re the hardest, and I just wish I could help them all.  You can’t help someone get un-sad, but you can help someone get food, and that might lead to them becoming happy.  Anything that I can do – I love helping people.”

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