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1. Make sure you do all of your homework in advance so that you actually spend your time reviewing and studying for your exams.

2. Maintain your healthy eating habits. Midterm week is already stressful and people tend to develop a sweet tooth or often skip meals because they don’t have the time for it.

3.  Sleep. Although it is almost impossible to sleep the recommended eight hours during midterm week, try to have at least 5-6 hours. Naps during the day might seem appealing, but it can actually unbalance your entire schedule.

4. Make sure you are hydrated at all times. Always bring a water bottle with you to your exams. Also, do not drink excessive amounts of coffee.

5. Do not go MIA. Your friends and family want to know how you’re doing during this stressful week.

6.     Remember, we have one week until Spring Breeeeaaak! Get excited!!

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