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How to Make the Most of Your Morning Routine

Morning has always been my favorite time of the day. Of course, it does help that I’ve always been a morning bird, but sometimes I struggle with making my mornings productive. There’s something in waking up with the sun and being a part of the world in which is calm; experiencing it like not many people do. I’m still in the process of figuring out the morning routine that centers me most for the day, but here are five habits that always set me up for success each day.


Like Clockwork

Waking up at the same time each day creates more routine in your everyday life. I take sleep very seriously and I know being a college student is a lot of hard work and time, but I don’t believe in sacrificing sleep. However, I think listening to what your body needs, rather than what it wants, is important in choosing a time to wake up. Try waking up at varying times each morning for a week and choose what feels most natural allowing you make the most of your morning.


Curated Bed, Check

Starting the day with an accomplishment allows you to begin positively.  I know personally that when I make my bed before I do anything else I give myself the opportunity to create self-accomplishment even if it is just making my bed because trust me I get it. I often find myself not doing this simple task. Plus, making your bed always helps in improving the flow of a room and making it more welcoming.


Looking for Mindfulness

Giving yourself just a few moments in bed to yourself can help focus your mind and set you on a mindful path. Before reaching for my phone, I love to take a few moments to meditate, or do some yoga, to clear my mind of any worries and to ensure my lungs are filled with fresh, clean air. If you find yourself on your phone, try reading current events. There is nothing more dutiful of an active member of a community than being aware of what is going on in the world around you. Catching up on current events can help you make conversation with friends or in classes throughout the day.


Fuel Your Soul

I’ve always been an advocate for a healthy breakfast. I love to drink a cup of warm water with lemon, ginger, and honey in the morning to get my digestive system working after a night’s sleep: to make it even better enjoy it in your favorite mug. And if you’re a coffee drinker, enjoy that. After I’ve partaken in my cup of tea, I try to mix up what I have for breakfast. Being purposeful in your decision has the ability to affect the rest of your day, so I like to have a balanced breakfast of some fruit, a protein, and something that will fill and fuel me up. The days that I love most are those that I start off with healthy food choices, like enjoying a grapefruit with a bagel topped with peanut butter.



Getting caught up in school work or being involved in an organization you are passionate about takes up a lot of time and energy but bettering yourself is also important to dedicate time to. I love creating a goal for myself each morning no matter how small. Something small like going out of your way to be kind to someone or getting ahead on homework so you can have free time later.  Think of something creative and make sure it’s heard. Make who you want to be your muse.



Bella Reiter

Wake Forest '22

Currently a junior at Wake Forest University, I am studying English literature, Art History, and French. I spent my freshman year abroad living in Denmark and traveling Europe. I enjoy tea, film photography, and reading. You can always catch me watching sunrises and sunsets.
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