Haute and Healthy: Quest Bars, The Nutrition Bar for Every Meal

Most everyone is concerned with eating healthy to avoid the dreaded Freshman (Sophomore, Junior, Senior – let’s not discriminate) Fifteen. I’ve seen many girls obsess over bland salad-and-fruit-meals that are so unsatisfying that they lead to ravenous cravings that drag collegiettes into hunger-induced rages, forcing them to dig into their emergency chocolate stashes under their beds…

I know. Because I’ve already been there. Covered in crumbs, gaining weight and losing dignity. But what if I told you about a (practically magical) food you could eat that would leave you guilt free and taste delicious?

Well, here it is! Look no farther than Quest Nutrition bars.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, collegiettes. Not up for another “diet trick” that never delivers results? Sick of “healthy” foods that look like mush? I promise, Quest bars are nothing like that. What a lot of people don’t know is that many nutrition bars are deceitful. They may look like a healthy and nutritious snack on the outside, but a closer look at the label reveals hidden fats, sugars, and carbs that are equivalent to, like, 10 jars of peanut butter or something.        

Quest bars use only natural, organic ingredients, and don’t have all the hidden fats that pack on the weight silently. And here’s the best part! Not only are they great for a nutritious breakfast or snack on the run, but simple modifications can turn them into delicious, mouthwatering desserts.

And that’s not even the best best part of the Quest brand. In my opinion, it’s also the fact that they make delicious all-natural chips that have 0g trans/saturated fat, 0g sugar, 75mg of potassium, 21g protein and only 5g carbs all for 120 calories. By the way, the chip bags are actually packed FULL of chips unlike other individual bagged chips which are more like bagged air with 5 surprise chips if you’re lucky… but more on Quest chips later.

Want a 27-calorie cookie? Yes, it’s possible. Quest makes a cookie dough flavored bar (but you can use all the flavors, really) perfect for this simple recipe. Ready? Cut up the bar into six parts; place the pieces on a nonstick pan and cook in a 350-degree oven for 7 minutes. It’s honestly as simple as that. I’ve heard of some people who flatten the cookies with their fingers, flip them, and then cook them for an extra 2 minutes, but I really don’t think that’s necessary. If you’re as lazy as I am, just use a microwave. Cook the individual cookie dough pieces in the microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy! Try them with almond milk if you’re a cookies and milk combo kind of gal.

Quest has tons of fun, delicious, easy recipes on their website. If you’re interested, click here and enjoy!

*Article by Christina Thompson.

*Cover photo by stuftmama.com.