Grace Williams: CycleBar Ambassador

Grace Williams is a sophomore interested in Sociology and Health & Exercise Science. She started her own Instagram fitness account last summer (@gkw543_fitness) and recently became the CycleBar ambassador for the Winston-Salem location (use her code GRACECBWS for 10% off memberships & packages). She sat down with Her Campus to share her love for fitness and her experiences in the industry so far. 

Her Campus: Why did you decide to start a fitness account? What is your goal with it? 

Grace Williams: I had wanted to start a fitness account since the beginning of high school, and my goal with it is to visually see my progress and see if it helps other people. Fitness has been an industry I have wanted to get into and maybe see if it could be an occupation for my life. I feel like Instagram is such a great way for our generation to test the waters. I wanted to get into it because I used to watch a bunch of fitness bloggers on Youtube, and I just love the way it makes me feel and other people feel. I feel like it doesn’t matter where you’re from or how much you weigh, it's something that bonds a lot of people together, and it's a great community in general. 

HC: Do you have any specific fitness or health inspirations? 

GW: Yes, there is a girl from Alaska named Heidi Somers who started her own fitness company called Buffbunny. She is five foot and I’m also short and that was an insecurity I had in high school, but watching her videos I realized she has a bangin body and is super muscular. I love her story and I also want to start my own clothing company so it has been fun for me to watch her. Another big inspiration of mine is my grandpa. He runs six miles a day and he’s 86. He’s such a kick-ass dude, so he’s been the main person who has made me fall in love with fitness.

HC: What is it like being a CycleBar Ambassador and how did this opportunity come about? 

GW: It wasn’t my first choice because I wanted to be an instructor, but I missed the deadline for tryouts. But I had been in contact with the company for a while because went to classes three times a week last year. It’s a funny story: I was at dinner in Wilmington, North Carolina and I saw this couple sitting next to me with their really cute dog. So I went over and started hanging out with them and they said they were from Winston and asked what I liked to do. I mentioned CycleBar and they said their son owns that location. So, I got in contact with him through this random dinner and I have had a really good time with it. It’s not about the money, because I get paid very little, but it's a good experience because this is an industry I’m confident I want to go into. I didn’t really ever think about the sales and marketing aspect, so it has been a good learning experience for me. 

HC: Do you have a favorite exercise or workout routine?

GW: My favorite exercise or workout routine is when I have no time restraint and I can just go into the gym and be creative. I like lifting weights as well as cardio, and I feel like it’s hard for me to find a class that incorporates an equal amount of those, so I really like my own gym time. I also enjoy running outside a lot. 

HC: Do you have a favorite healthy meal or healthy snack?

GW: I love salads, but I feel like that’s a very basic answer. But I love very hearty, filling ones and for snacks (these aren’t really healthy), but I just love any protein bars. I used to think they were really healthy and I would eat five a day, but I think in moderation they are good to help get extra protein in. I also really like peanut butter toast and anything that is simple, but yummy. I like to eat as clean as possible, but that doesn’t always work out because I’m a college student. But the ones I mentioned, as well as chicken and salmon are some of my favorites. 

HC: Do you have any advice for people who want to start eating healthier or start working out more frequently?

GW: I feel like anytime someone is asked that, their answer is: “just start” and I sort of feel like that isn’t a fair answer, because what does that mean? I think for anyone who is looking to get healthier, whether it’s their diet or their exercise, my advice would be to create a schedule. I have been into the law of attraction recently, which means if you visually see something you’re more inclined to do it. So I think if you write out what you’re gonna do one day and you visually see “workout from 1-2pm,” you’re more likely to do it. I have definitely found that adding some structure into your life, as well as telling a few friends that you’re trying to get healthier so they can hold you accountable, are both very helpful. 

HC: Do you have any other favorite workout classes, besides cycling, that you’ve done in the past?

GW: I love Orange Theory, and I actually went today. I like it because it is a good cross-training opportunity. It’s very body-weight focused, but also includes rowing and treadmill exercises. I had never done the rowing machine until I went, so I find it very fun. I also tried yoga this week, which I liked, and I tried Pure Barre a few weeks ago. I honestly just enjoy any workout class that is new or different, and I also love dancing because I feel like it’s a good, secret cardio workout that no one really thinks about.

HC: You mentioned plans to continue fitness in the future, so do you have specific plans or goals? 

GW: Ideally, my dream is to start my own company where I talk with people and figure out the job they do, where they live, their schedule, and find fitness classes in their area, as well as restaurants near their work and make daily schedules for them. I am a big believer in planning, and I feel like that’s the key to a lot of things in life, so I think that would be really ideal for me. I’ve also thought about my own clothing line because I’ve loved fashion ever since I was little. I feel like I know a lot about workout clothes and the materials used to make them. I’ve done a few things behind the scenes with CycleBar with their clothing, and I just feel like I have a good eye for that. I definitely want to start my own company, but I know I have to start somewhere. So hopefully I can shadow someone in that industry this summer or in physical therapy, but I definitely want to do something with fitness in the future.