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Getting in the Groove: Setting a New Routine for a New Semester

The first few weeks back to school are always pretty crazy, not just because you have a new corseload, professors, and have to set new expectations, but also because you have to completely restructure your daily schedule and build a new routine. Running around all over campus, learning how to allocate your time, and finding slots to fit in activities like going to the gym or club meetings can be extra stressful. So, here are a few tips to make the first few weeks back less hectic. 

1. Make a weekly schedule at the start of each new week. Every Sunday, I make a checklist just in the notes app on my phone, and plan out what workout classes, meetings, and homework assignments I have to do so that there are no surprises, and I can better plan ahead for how to distribute my work load.

2. Carry food with you on the go. If you’re especially busy, having to run back to your dorm or Benson for food can disrupt your routine, and if you don’t have time to make a stop at all, being hungry throughout your day can make it miserable. When setting a new routine, it’s important to stay prepared so you can just go with the flow.

3. Set out your outfits ahead of time. This is something I only recently started doing, but having a comfortable outfit that works for your day makes it so much better. For example, I’ll set out something a little nicer if I know I’ll be changing into workout clothes fairly early in the day, or pick out something really comfy if I know I’ll be wearing it until I go to bed.

4. Build it time to relax and unwind. New routines require more thought during each part of your day, and takes energy out of you and adds stress. Whether it’s going to the gym for a set amount of time, stretching in your room, taking 30 minutes for your favorite netflix show, or doing a face mask, building in a way to release stress as a part of your day and not as an extra burden is essential to a healthy routine transition.

Kylie Yorke

Wake Forest '23

I'm a freshman from Redondo Beach, California planning on majoring in psychology, but pursuing interests in graphic design, philosophy, and neuroscience. I love to spend time outdoors whether it's thrill-seeking or just relaxing, and I love to draw, be around people (and dogs), and play ukulele.
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