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Find Your #HCSurvivalKit Perfect Fit!

It’s #SpringBreak2k15, and we’re feeling kind of torn. No, not in a bad way. It’s just that half of our Executive Board is lounging on a beach somewhere, and the other half of us are at home (and home ranges from NC, to NJ to NY and all the way back again).

Luckily, we received our amazing #HCSurvivalKit just before we left. Imagine how thrilled our Exec Board was when we realized that everything we needed for an amazing/relaxing/fun Spring break and semester was all in ONE box. Seriously, Her Campus has something for everybody! 


Break is a great time to read for pleasure and not for class (whether on the beach, or in your bedroom). We’re totally obsessed with Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell. It’s got all the juicy sorority drama that we like to read about but dislike in real life.


We’ve been hooked on Luna Bars ever since we received them in last year’s #HCSurvivalKit. Chocolate Dipped Coconut remains our favorite flavor; it tastes like a Mounds bar. This is a great mini-snack to pack in your suitcase, take with you to the Miller Center or stash in your pocket during a jog on Reynolda Trail.

FOR THE CHIPOTLE LOVERS (Peace out, #SpringBreakDiet)

‘nough said. These Chipotle BOGO cards (which expire on 4/15) make us — and our tummies — really happy. Race you to Hanes Mall when we get back!


Humid weather = frizzy hair; it’s just a fact of life. If you’re like me, you try to combat frizz with a thousand products and end up turning your hair into a greasy mess. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner to the rescue! Infused with mint and rasberry extract, this duo helps revitalize and refresh your scalp.


Completely Bare got us feeling completely fine. These “beauty to go” sample wax packs are perfect for in-house maintenance. Each pack includes face wax strips and bikini wax strips. With the Crolo/Croaks/Deacon Station pools opening on April 1st (so soon!), you know we’ll be needing these. 


Major shout out to Sabre for these Campus Pepper Gel + Personal Alarm Kits. We really appreciate that they’re looking out for collegiettes’ safety. Plus the pink color makes it particularly easy to find the Gel in your purse.


You’re definitely going to want to dig in to The Intern’s Handbook by Sean Kuhn. This part confessional, part DIY manual is about to be a major motion picture hit starring Dave Franco.


Eeek! Her Campus’ exclusive new book is coming! The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life has everything you and every pre-collegiette needs to know about mastering college, and having a blast along the way. We’re celebrating with HC koozies and stickers. Pre-order your copy here.

*Image from mgalamode.com.

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