Color Run and Philanthropy Fun: Meet Kimi Morris

Kimi Morris

Academic Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Major: Biology


Her Campus (HC): What activities are you involved in on campus?

Kimi Morris (KM): I'm the Vice President of Philanthropy for my sorority Delta Zeta which takes up the majority of my time but I also work in the library and do research in the biology department.

HC: How do you feel the Color Run turned out?

KM: I think that the color run turned out great! It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and we had a lot of participants from several different campus organizations. We had DZ's both running and cheering along the route, and I think that overall everyone had a great time.


HC: What's your favorite part of the Color Run? What's something that everyone should know about the Color Run?

KM: My favorite part of the color run is the organization that the money goes to. All of the proceeds go to the Painted Turtle Camp which is a camp where kids with life threatening illnesses can go and just be kids for a week while their medical needs are taken care of. The camp runs year round and each week is devoted to children with a specific illness, so they are around other kids who are just like them. Every year we send one member from our chapter to volunteer at the camp for a week during summer break.

HC: What are your suggestions for students who want to get more involved?

KM: Don't doubt yourself! Just try and fill out an application or ask someone how you can help out with an event or get more involved in something new. Having a positive attitude and a smile goes a long way.


HC:What’s something you love about Wake?

KM: I love the family I have made here at Wake. Being from so far away from home, I've found my people here at wQke that I can count on for anything and who I know have my back through anything!