Beauty Tips for Social Distancing

Now that the quarantine against COVID-19 is in full swing, students are adjusting to this “new normal.” With online classes and routines flipped on their heads, caring for yourself is essential to keep some level of sanity. I acknowledge that there are topics far more serious regarding this illness than how you look and feel as a healthy person, but when you are doing everything you can to social distance and self-isolate, your daily routine is bound to become mundane and a little selfish. The following are quite obvious tips to help you regain some control during a time of great uncertainty.


Keep up with your normal shower routine:

You may be thinking “Duh! I’m not gross!” But, please admit to yourself. Have you been showering as often as you would at school or during your regular summer? It is crucial to keep up with proper hygiene practices to stay healthy if you have left your home or to ensure maximum comfort within your confines. Feeling clean and ready for the day will encourage productivity and make you feel like you have a purpose beyond laying in bed and sitting on your laptop.  

Change your clothes:

This tip correlates directly with maintaining hygiene. Although it may only be your family and your Zoom class that catches glimpses of you during these times, try to keep up with how often you changed before. It is incredibly tempting to wear what you wore to bed to do homework and sit for class, but if you are in sleeping attire, you’ll, in turn, be in sleeping mode. When I was back at school, my friends would comment on my choice of wearing jeans on Sundays. This was not a fashion statement, however, I wore slightly uncomfortable clothes to ensure that I was not tempted to crawl right back into bed and felt put together enough to study in the library or Farrell. The same should go for online classes; jeans are not expected, but at least try to put leggings on instead of your Christmas pajamas.

Exercise regularly:

Anytime I go too long without exercise, I break out and feel just overall uncomfortable. We live in an era with endless options on the Internet, so there is really no excuse to refrain from watching online workout routines and classes. Without a gym, running or walking outside (with a safe distance from others) can become a staple on your daily to-do list to get some fresh air, raise your heart rate, and improve your body and mind. Sweating will also enforce the tips above since you’ll have to shower and change clothes to feel fresh again. 

Keep up with your unique look:

This time should not be one to sacrifice appearances if you feel good about certain beauty and fashion choices. Just because you are not seeing anyone, doesn't mean that you should stop painting your nails and doing your makeup if that is something enjoyable and therapeutic to you. Isolation may turn into an opportunity to improve these skills or do a crazy alternative to what you are used to. If you normally wear light pink nail polish, opt for some blues or fun designs. Let yourself turn back into a thirteen-year-old and it will feel so good.


During this time, we have seen courageous acts by healthcare workers, officials, and even everyday people in the workforce delivering goods and arriving to work every day while they are at risk. We can do our part by staying inside and listening to government instruction, as unheroic as that feels. The least we can do for ourselves is attempt to maximize normalcy in our hygiene and routine.