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Beauty Products that Transcend the Seasons


With the change of seasons comes a change in your skin. In August we may have been begging for oil wipes from the sweat caused by walking across campus in the blazing sun. Now, the chill has dried up whatever moisture was left. If you’re willing to splurge a little on a cream, the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar ($39 at Ulta Beauty) works to repair skin by shrinking your pores and add moisture. If you are looking for simply a boost of softness and to get rid of dry patches, the Clinique Moisture Surge ($39 at Sephora) cream is perfect as a scentless, sensitive solution.


For those that feel the wrath of humidity and whose hair instantly loses its shape from the heat, now is the season for you. I always feel more confident that my straightened or blow dried hair will last longer in the fall, so the right tools are worth the purchase. If you are want to save time and combine two products into one, the Dry Bar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush ($145 at Ulta Beauty) isn’t as harsh as a straightener or as time consuming as a blow dryer. The cold weather makes hair especially brittle so avoiding direct heat is best for preventing breakage.


I’m not the first to declare that the best fall eyeshadow colors have warm tones. The past few years have brought back reds and deep oranges, especially for use in the crease. Both the Naked Heat and the Naked Cherry eye shadow palettes by Urban Decay ($49 at Sephora) have a plethora of the warmer shade options, unique alternatives to the usual fall brown and tan neutrals. If you’re still begging for that summer tan to return, the Too Faced Chocolate bronzer ($30 at Sephora) will never fail to be a classic. Are you really a girl who loves fall if burgundy lips don’t excite you? The Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess lipstick in Deep Plum Rock ($24 at Ulta Beauty) will actually stay on all day and not leave your lips begging for chapstick.

If you really want to demonstrate to the world truly how much you love what seems like every single girl’s favorite season, revamping and making your beauty routine completely fall-tastic is the only way to do it right.

Kate Federer

Wake Forest '22

Kate Federer is a freshman at Wake Forest from New Jersey. She plans on majoring in Politics and International Affairs and hopes to be on the pre-law track. On campus she is involved with the school newspaper and likes to draw, run, and shop in her free time. She can't wait to contribute to Her Campus!
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