4 Weekend Trip Essentials

The weather is starting to cool down and it’s the perfect time to take a weekend trip over to the mountains. There’s always a few personal items that come to mind when you’re packing for a weekend trip like a toothbrush, floss, and deodorant. These basic items will keep you living through the weekend but here are some extra things to bring that’ll keep you at your best during your trip.

1. Dry Spray

Dry spray is the savior of greasy hair. Perhaps the cabin you’re staying at doesn’t have the best shower or doesn’t provide shampoo. Maybe you’re camping and don’t have access to a shower. Dry spray is the perfect fix for unwashed hair. It’ll leave your hair feeling clean and add some extra texture! My personal favorite is Batiste dry shampoo which comes in a travel size can, making it super easy to pack.



2. Fragrant Body Lotion

Why bring lotion and body spray when you could just knock two birds with one stone. I always carry a fragrant body lotion when I travel as it doubles as a perfume and moisturizer so I can smell and feel fresh all day. Brands like Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Lush all offer travel sized lotion with a variety of fragrances. A cheaper option that I’ve brought on a few trips is the Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter. The scent is light and refreshing while the moisturizer itself leaves my skin feeling hydrated.



3. Travel-sized Dramamine

This is for my fellow travelers who easily get motion sickness. Dramamine is an over-the-counter tablet that relieves motion sickness and nausea. I take one whenever I go over to the Blue Ridge Parkway and it really helps me feel less dizzy on those curved roads. There are travel-sized containers of Dramamine sold at most supermarkets and grocery stores. Be sure to follow all directions and dosages provided on the product packaging.



4. Wet Ones

I always called Wet Ones the Clorox wipes for hands. It’s the perfect anti-bacterial hand wipe for long car rides where there will most definitely be a few fast food stops along the way. I always keep a pack of wipes in my car and in my backpack since the packaging is convenient and resealable. There is also a sensitive skin option that’s extra gentle and fragrance-free. Wet Ones is also sold at most supermarkets and grocery stores. Consider buying a canister for your car and a travel pack for your luggage or backpack.

Canister- https://www.target.com/p/wet-ones-antibacterial-hand-wipes-canister-fresh-scent-40ct/-/A-13397721  

Travel Pack- https://www.target.com/p/wet-ones-antibacterial-fresh-scent-hand-wipes-20ct/-/A-15045578?clkid=5a6465e3Nf16911e9987e42010a246e07&lnm=81938&afid=NeuIntel%2C%20LLC&ref=tgt_adv_xasd0002