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3 Easy Meals to Cook with Simple Ingredients

Chicken fajitas. 

This dish really does not require a lot, which makes it especially easy when your kitchen and cleaning space is limited. In preparation for this meal you need Chicken, Tortillas, Peppers, onions, BBQ sauce and Avocado. First start by sauteing the chicken, you can keep the chicken plain and add in some BBQ sauce and a few spices for flavor. Personally I like to throw in some salt, basil spice and red pepper flakes. Once the chicken is cooked about ¾ of the way add in the peppers and onions and a little extra BBQ sauce. Make sure to put a lid on the pan to keep all the flavors inside and speed up the softening of the peppers and onions. While the lid is on the pan start by slicing then mashing up the avocado to add some guacamole to your fajitas. Give the peppers and chicken a few more minutes and then remove and place on an alternative plate. Use that pan to heat up your tortillas quickly so they have a nice soft texture to them.

Egg scramble.

Your ingredients will be Egg, onions, mushrooms, spinach and red peppers. Start by sauteing the veggies in a pan with some olive oil as the veggies begin to soften add a splash of white wine for flavor. Periodically add salt and pepper and other spices to your taste. Add a lid to your pan to allow the condensation to soften your veggies until fully cooked. On the side in a small bowl start scrambling your eggs. For added fluffiness as some milk or water as your scramble. Once the veggies are done cooking add the eggs and turn the burner on low. Work the eggs in slow circular motions making sure to scrape the eggs off the bottom and sides of the pan.

Tortellini and peas.

Ingredients will be Tortellini (your choice of filling), pancetta (substitute for squash or zucchini if vegetarian) Peas and either red sauce or basil pesto. As you heat the water to a boil for the pees start by adding olive oil and the pancetta to a pan. Add black or red pepper to the pancetta as it cooks in the pan. Add the pees to the boiling water and wat appropriate time for them to cook. If you buy fresh tortellini in the supermarket this should only take about 3 minutes for it to cook fully. Add the tortellini to the peas for easy cleanup and maximize your limited space.

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