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12 Types of Guys You’ll Meet at Wake Forest

1. The Athlete


With their countless team shirts, matching backpacks and Gatorade bottles, these guys are hard to miss. Especially since they often travel in groups. You will see them at parties typically standing by the wall. These guys are chill and easygoing and won’t be shy to start a conversation with you.

2. The Bro


Button-ups, chino shorts, and boat shoes by day. Backwards hat, frat tanks, and beer in hand by night. These guys are the life of the party! Don’t be surprised if you see these fellows in class feeling a bit ‘drained’ from the night before. Their attire ranges from various date function shirts to a colorful assortment of polos. Easy locations to spot bros include the weight room, the round tables at The Pit, and outside their lounges.

3. Mr. Overachiever


He makes the Dean’s List every semester and he is always buried in those books. He was most likely your Calc or Chem tutor and makes nothing less than a 4.0. The overachiever may not have the most elaborate social life, but his hard work will definitely land him a top job in the future! Look for him at the Career Fair.

4. Mr. Friendzone


He’s outgoing and fun, and seems to be friends with nearly every girl on campus.  Lucky for him, right? Well, he has yet to find out.

5. Mr. Too Cool for School


This guy thinks that he is way too good for Wake Forest. It’s not that he doesn’t like the school, it’s just that he he’s above it all — the people, the parties and the Southern culture. Perhaps he would be a better fit at Duke (LOL).

6. The Freshman


Eager faces, Wake lanyards, walking in clumps — definitely a freshman. He will approach you and ask questions about every aspect of your life and then formally ask you to dance. If you don’t encounter the freshman at parties, at least you can always count on him catching you up on the reading for that English class.

7. Wake’s Number One Fan


He has more Wake memorabilia than you know and he always participates in rolling the quad. You could also probably find him in over 30 Dean Shore photos. He’s the guy on the first row at games screaming about every single play gone wrong.

8. The Cookie Cutter


 He wears preppy attire, drives a Jeep or SUV and is pre-business. He hopes to land a great job thanks to his many connections. You can find him in Farrell. 

9. The Lady’s Man


There’s something about his charm that attracts any girl he meets. He may not look exactly like Zac Efron, but his personality  — and his past hook-ups — make him well-known across campus.

10. The Stoner


He would honestly prefer chilling in his room and watching Planet Earth over anything. He just goes with the flow, and you don’t know how he gets by, but he does…

11. The Super-Hot Guy Who Has a Girlfriend


Every girl knows a guy like this. She’s seen him around. He deserves to be a Calvin Klein model. Too good to be true? Indeed. Unfortunately, as you were talking to a mutual friend or creeping his Facebook, you discover that he has a serioues girlfriend. Yep, too good to be true.

12. The Creeper


He sits in your class, in the back, and doesn’t say a word. No one sits with him in The Pit. He’s just too quiet and keeps to himself and he has a habit of staring. Definitely a creeper.

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