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10 Ways To Make a Sucky Day Less Terrible

We’ve all had those days.  You know the ones where the moment you step out of bed and your mood is UGHHH.  There is just no other way to describe how you feel but in moans, groans and eye rolls.  Well, I had some of those days this week, and I was trying to come up with a list of ways that I could change my day from being “I literally cannot exist another moment” to “I can semi survive the rest of the hours until I get to sleep again.”   

1. Chick-fil-A

I don’t know about you but there isn’t much a Chick-fil-A sandwich and waffle fries can’t fix.  If you’re having a bad day, screw eating healthy and get yourself some gosh darn waffle fries.  I would even throw in a shake if the day is particularly awful.  

2.  Starbucks

Coffee fixes all problems.  FACT. Personally, a Pumpkin Spice Latte just about makes my day no matter how terrible it is, so get yourself the drink that when you think of it it makes you smile.

3.  Listen to your favorite song

(P.S. Stranger Things comes back on October 27, and I cannot contain my excitement)

I know that I have way too many favorite songs to pick one, but listen to that one where you don’t even have to think about the words you automatically sing them.  The song that when it comes on the radio, no matter how many times you have listened to it, you squeal with excitement and turn the radio on full blast.  The song that makes you smile the most, that’s the one you need to play.

4.  Listen to your mood playlist on Spotify

This is my go to. This is the only way I find playlists on Spotify. Just go to the list of moods and find the one that best suits you. I definitely recommend the ‘Life Sucks’ playlist if you really want to bask in how much you hate today.  

5.  Hang out with your friends and do nothing

Literally just sit in their presence.  Have a chill dinner and do homework in someone’s room.  Keep the mood calm so you don’t explode.

6.  Call your mom

Basically call the person that makes you the happiest, your best friend, your sister or as I do, facetime your pet.

7.  Rant

Whether you need to scream to a real person or write it out with the caps lock on get those feelings out, it is so much better than keeping them bundled inside.  Or you could be me and do all of the above, have a breakdown wrapped in a blanket in your dorm room in front of your friends and also rant with the caps lock on.  Highly recommend.  

8.  Rewatch that show

Whether you need to binge watch the entirety of Friends again or simply watch your favorite episode, watch that show or movie that continues to make you smile even though you’ve seen it a million times.  Personally, my go to is always the OC, particularly the “Chrismakkuh” episodes.

9. Look up your favorite celebrity

Whether you need to set them as your wallpaper for the day or you need to rewatch those interviews that you’ve seen a million times but still make you laugh, DO IT.  Personally, this for me is Kit Harington, I rewatch the same interviews all the time, and I still laugh when someone makes a joke, embarrassing but true but hey I’m trying to be relatable.  

10.  Count the days until Thanksgiving break


According to my countdown app, it’s approximately 1 month 3 days and 8 hours but who’s counting?  If you can’t think that far in advance just countdown the hours until the weekend, or even smaller, the minutes until the next meal so you can eat your feelings.


Hope the next time you wake up feeling like a trash can you do some of these things and feel less like death.  Remember, when in doubt curl up in a blanket and Netflix.  

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