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An Open Letter For The Appreciation of Melanin

“Dear Melanin,


As children, those not of this skin, made it seem that we had to hate you.


As we got older, we realized that the skin we’re in was quite special you see.


This skin so magical, a creation that the creator himself took his precious time to manifest.


So royal is this skin that the moon bows, the stars twinkle, and the sun dares to kiss, at the mere sight of it.


With the entry of Black History month, for this one month we celebrate and respect all of those individuals that are wrapped within in this skin. It’s a reminder that we are Black Excellence, and we must keep in mind who we are not just for one month out of the year, but every day of the year.


Melanin o’ Melanin we appreciate thee.”


For a very long time, I really hated the skin I was in. Growing, up I didn’t see many dolls of my skin complexion and when I did they still didn’t really look like me or at least have some of my features. Though, as I got got older I had to learn that the skin I am in is excellent and is magical in its on right, despite what society may say. Now, exploring my twenties I see that melanin is more appreciated and celebrated by those who share my skin complexion with social media hashtags like: #BlackExcellence, #MelaninMagic, #TeamMelanin. I am also very proud to see many African American men and women making great strides, and continuing to make history.  The love I see for those honoring individuals wrapped in this skin, and also melanin itself really inspired me. As I wanted to also give love, honor, and appreciation to those who are exhibiting black excellence, but also and esteemed appreciation for this here MELANIN (Ah ha! I got Melanin).


“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology”.-Upile


Terri George a 22 year old native from Wilmington, Delaware. Currently a graduating Senior at Virginia Union University majoring in Biology with aspiration on one day getting a career in the medical field as an OB/GYN or Mid-Wife. Though, she aspires to have a career in the medical field when she is not spending her time studying she enjoys singing, listening to music, hanging with friends, and her two favorites NAPPING and EATING :). She also enjoys reading a good book or writing poetry. Terri an introvert at heart, uses her writing to communicate that introverts too have an extrovert side. "I am Magic All Over" |Upile|
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