In Support of Women's Sports and Against Double Standards

This past Thursday night, the Her Campus team set up in Cassell Coliseum to support the Virginia Tech women's basketball team. There are many reasons to support our women's teams, including:

  • They are talented and skilled athletes.
  • The games are entertaining and exciting!
  • Games are usually free to attend as students— 

Wait a second, why are the women's games free when the men's are often in such high demand and price that even the student lottery cannot score you entry to watch a men's basketball game? 

It's the depiction of women's and men's sports that created such a deficit in support, and we know that coming out to this one game and getting our free tickets and sitting among a sparse coliseum would not change that; but it was certainly noticed. 

Although the final score was 69-79, with Miami winning — the Virginia Tech women's basketball team played a great game and were neck-to-neck with Miami. There were too many moments of pure awe as we witnessed 3-pointer after 3-pointer sink effortlessly into the net that we had to stop counting. This is a team that deserves so much more support from our students!

This won't be the last game we attend to cheer them on, and we hope you will give the women's sports teams at Virginia Tech the same support given to the men's teams. See the rest of the VT women's basketball team schedule here, and support your fellow Hokies! 

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