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I’m sure you’ve either heard someone yell “Download Bumble!” or seen the sea of overly-bright yellow stickers across clothes on game days. But what really is Bumble? How is it different from a basic dating app? As a Bumble ambassador for Virginia Tech, I wanted to share my experience working for Bumble and explain what Bumble is all about.

In our social-media filled world, it seems there are ambassadors for just about everything. However, Bumble was an opportunity that truly stood out to me. Bumble is an app that allows you to meet dates, friends or network yourself for business opportunities — but there’s a catch: Only women can make the first move on Bumble. I saw this as a great concept not only because it creates a safe environment free from harassment, but because it challenges women to make the first move.

Generally, I think women are expected to wait to be pursued, and I liked how Bumble is shattering this expectation. Take charge; ask for a promotion when you feel you deserve one, put yourself out there for relationships, network yourself and make sure you get noticed. This is the message I believe Bumble is sending. I work for Bumble because of the way it empowers women to take control and because of the opportunity it provides to hundreds of college women all across the country to work as ambassadors.

Although I joined Bumble pretty recently, I’ve already gained so much experience and knowledge about marketing and event planning. After joining Bumble, my team and I were immediately assigned tasks to carry out to market and promote the app. We’ve been able to figure out what marketing strategies work for our campus through trial and error, and we’ve learned how to use social media as a platform. I’m so thankful that I was chosen out of over 16,000 applicants for a chance to represent Bumble because the lessons I’ve learned in such a short time are something I feel I wouldn’t have been able to gain by sitting in a classroom and are something I know I can take with me in the future.

My favorite thing about working for Bumble is how fun it is. We’re paid every month for the work we do, but what’s innovative about Bumble is that we receive extra rewards for going above and beyond. For every project or task for Bumble we do, we’re able to be as creative and fun with it as we want because we’re actually rewarded for creativity! Bumble gives out extra compensation, prizes and trips to us if our campus team stands out above others.

Bumble can sometimes be dismissed as just a dating app, but it honestly provides so many benefits for college students. Not only can you gain ambassador positions like myself, but the “Bumble Bizz” aspect of Bumble can lead to internships and careers by being able to network yourself in a positive environment of aspiring young adults.

If you’re interested in applying to be an ambassador and become part of the amazing community Bumble has created, you can apply here! http://bit.ly/F18HoneyApplication

And if you’ve spent any time around me you’ve probably heard it before, but go and download Bumble!!!

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