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Kicking the Semester Off with T-Pain

Courtesy of Tatjana Kondraschow


There’s many things you can do with your first Friday back at Tech––watch a movie with friends, go downtown, or maybe go see T-Pain perform all of your favorite songs. For free.

The build up to the concert started last week as the Virginia Tech Union (VTU) handed out free tickets to students. All you needed was a Hokie P and a bit of patience. Students waited upwards of an hour to get their hands on coveted ticket. But it was worth it.

“We waited an hour before ticket hand out to make sure we got tickets but once the line started moving, it was pretty quick,” said senior Reilly Scott.

When Friday finally came around, hundreds of students made their way to Burruss Hall. DJ Finesse started the night off and go the crowd hyped up for T-Pain. When T-Pain came out, the crowd went wild. He danced and body rolled through his set, and Burruss Hall danced and sang right along with him.

VTU President, Alexa Arthur, loved the liveliness of the crowd.

“My favorite part of T-Pain was being able to feel all of the energy in the room while he was performing,” said Arthur. “Even when people didn’t know the words to songs, they were still jumping and dancing and having an amazing time.”


Courtesy of Tatjana Kondraschow


Between crowd favorites like “Buy You a Drank” and “Kiss Kiss”, T-Pain took time to talk to the crowd and reflect on his musical journey the past 13 years.

“I’ve been reflective on how long I’ve been in the game and y’all been f*cking with me,” said T-Pain.  

T-pain proved to be a perfect way to kick off the new school year. VTU Vice President of Communications, Ashton Sotiro, expressed her excitement about the concert’s success.  

“This was my first concert being on our programming board and it was so cool to play such an important role in marketing the concert to the student body,” said Sotiro. “It was easily one of the most well-run concerts we’ve ever put on and I’m really proud of how well we all worked together to make it happen.” 

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Thanks, VTU and Class Programs! We’re looking forward to what you all do next. Hopefully it involves Drake.

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