How to Not Gain the Freshman 15

It can be hard not to gain weight while going to a school that has great on-campus dining, off-campus restaurants and a lively social scene. Good news though, you don’t have to limit your food or fun to avoid gaining weight. Here are some helpful tips and actions you can do occasionally to help you keep off those pounds and stay healthy.

1.    Take the long way to class

  • It is an easy way to get a small amount of exercise without the intensity of doing a full workout.

  • It seems like a small thing to do, but those steps add up!

2.     Eat healthy alternatives at dining halls

  • VT has deliciously unhealthy food options like Qdoba, Chick-fil-a, Dunkin Donuts and countless more, but opting for a healthier meal once a day is a good idea.

  • Salads are a good alternative at each dining hall!—I suggest West End’s  garden salad with fruits and nuts with a side of pomegranate dressing (it is light and always makes me feel refreshed).

  • Use this VT food calculator to help you learn the nutritional facts of what you are about to each from each dining hall:


3.     Go to McComas or War Memorial gym when you’re free

  • There is always time for a 30 minute session either before or after your classes.

  • Both gyms offer at least one class for everyone that can make working out fun—I am a huge fan of the Zumba and cycling classes.

  • This link includes a schedule of all of the classes for the rest of 2016 at both McComas and War Memorial Gym:

4.     Plan ahead when you know you are drinking

  • Drinks are typically packed with sugar, carbohydrates and calories and can add on those pounds quickly.

  • Workout the morning of or a day beforehand so you don’t have to feel guilty when you are drinking!

5.    Join a fun intramural or club sport

  • This is the perfect opportunity to play a sport you love, meet new friends, and get a good workout

6.    Get your sleep!

  • Getting enough sleep helps curb appetite and will give you enough energy to workout  


7. Stock healthy snacks in your dorm/apartment

  • You cannot eat unhealthy food if it is not around!

  • Some of my personal favorite snacks are greek yogurt, apples, almonds and popcorn.

Remember to stay healthy! Keep these tips in mind so you can avoid gaining the infamous Freshman 15.