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Five Reasons Why Small Elections Are Just As Important As Big Elections, as Told by Ron Swanson

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again (and right now by yours, truly): go out and vote. FOR EVERY ELECTION. You have a right that not everyone has, so don’t take advantage of it. Below are five reasons why you should use your right.


  1. Patriotism

People fought and died for you to have the right to vote and to have a say in what happens in your own country. It is your duty to vote in elections, and not just big elections like presidential, but at all levels: congressional, senatorial, and local. Small elections are just as important as bigger ones and should be taken just as seriously



  1. Your Voice

This is one of the best and easiest ways to get your voice out to your representatives. Numbers don’t lie folks; if people don’t like how their representatives are performing in the capital, kick’em out. Get some new blood up in there. Another reason why smaller elections are just as important as bigger elections.



  1. The Youth Vote is Often Underestimated

We are the future. We should start making our voice known young, and tell’em what you want and what you expect out of your representatives. We get to have a vote on issues that are important to us, a vote for selecting representatives that align with our own stances. With smaller elections concerned with more local candidates, the issues hit closer to home for everyone involved, resulting in higher chances that their views on issues will align with your own, or at least concern issues more personal to you.



  1. You’re Voting for Someone Local

Similar to the last reason, you get to vote for someone local and closer to the issues at home. Your representative will voice your opinions in D.C., so do your research and vote for the person that best aligns with your views. Local representatives understand what is more important to their home area better than presidential elections, making smaller elections more relevant and important to the issues you support.



  1. Non-Presidential Elections Have Lower Turnout

You’ve heard it plenty of times, from textbooks, your government teachers, professors, maybe even your parents: non-presidential elections have worse turnout than the presidential election. Let’s make our generation the ones that actually go out and vote FOR EVERY ELECTION, and not have bullshit excuses for not fulfilling your civic duty.



There are other reasons for why you should vote, but these are what I deem as the most important. So, do your research and go out and vote!



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