Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Black and Navy

Fashion is all about creativity. It is one of the ultimate forms of expression. Fashion gives people the power to be unapologetically who they want. There are no rules, no standards, and no norms. Wait pause, did I just say no rules? I know that we ha’ve all heard someone, whether it be your mom, grandma or some know it all on tv say things like “no more white after Labor Day”, “that’s too short,” or “that doesn’t match”.” But I challenge you to accept fashion for what it is meant to be: absolutely radical.  Forget about the “rules” or even better break them!  Her Campus is ready to show you how to do it.  First, make sure to read Liz Blair's listicle for the rules and then follow this mini series 5 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking as we explore how to conquer some of the most classic fashion no-nos.

Black and Navy Don’t Go Together

We have’ve all experienced a moment bickering back and forth with your bestie in the store trying to decide whether an item is black or navy. Black and navy are essentially the darkest neutrals, but for some reason many of us always keep them separated. They are seen as color enemies on two exclusive teams with each allocating certain other colors to stick with. However, Her Campus has seen some daring individuals and bold outfits that just really could care less about the “rule” and we love it!  Pairing black and navy is so chic and sophisticated. If done with some careful item selecting, it is a look that is certainly fashion forward. The dark color combo is perfect for the winter and looks super edgy.  

My favorite black and navy look includes black bottoms and a navy top. The addition of different textures with each color takes the look to a whole new level.  My favorite winter fabric is most definitely leather, and I have an obsession with leather skirts! I love this pairing of the black leather skirt with the chunky navy sweater. You can also easily take this look from day to night by pairing it with some Adidas classics in the day and switching them out at night with heeled suede booties.

Her Campus recently met one bold student here at Tech who displayed the black and navy look with perfection: Senior Joseph Mrava (aka Joe), decided to stick with all black everything from the waist down paired with a subtle navy pullover making him like super trendy.  He’s definitely pro black and navy. The color difference is so small but noticeable which makes it eye- catching.  

IMG_0040.jpgWhat "rule" will we break next? Stay tuned.

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