5 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

When it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken. That’s one of my favorite things about it — there really are no rules. Every season, designers seek to push limits and change the way people view clothing. Why should you do any differently? Here are five fashion “rules” that you should start breaking ASAP.

1. Black and navy don’t go together

Why shouldn’t two neutrals go together? Black and navy can look very chic together, whether it’s a casual outfit or a pantsuit. I love the color combination, especially for the fall and winter months. Since mixing the two can be seen as a little daring, you’ll feel extra fashionable!

2. Never let your bra show

A huge trend right now is sleep wear as streetwear. Girls everywhere are throwing jackets over their nightgowns and running out the door. Sheer fabrics, especially lace and mesh, are also very trendy right now. Bras are pretty (and expensive) so why not show them off?

3. Don’t mix prints

In my opinion, prints are made to be mixed! An easy way to start is to find two prints with similar colors. From there, you can get more outgoing with it. Fashion is meant to be fun, so wear that printed top with your plaid pants!

4. Sneakers are only for the gym

The sneaker trend is huge and definitely not going away soon. Honestly, I think everyone's just happy that comfy shoes are finally stylish. There are hundreds of styles of sneakers for all occasions so you can always find the perfect pair of kicks for your outfit.

5. Avoid horizontal stripes

Supposedly, horizontal stripes make you appear wider. However, I don’t think we should necessarily avoid an item of clothing just because it might not be flattering. It’s more important to dress in clothes that make you happy and make you feel confident. So, if you love your horizontal stripes like I do, keep rocking them!

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