Don’t Get the New Year, New Me Mindset Wrong

With the new year in full swing and resolutions beginning to take root in our lives, I wonder why we always say, “new year, new me”, as though we are implying that there was so much wrong with us in the closing year that we must start over entirely?



Do not start your year with a mindset causing you to think you aren’t good enough. Do not start a single day of this year with that mindset.


Your mind is capable of forming incredible ideas and thoughts that can change the world. Your heart holds so much love and compassion for all those you hold dear. You body carries you through each day, fighting constant battles inside and out. You are a warrior and that is more than enough.


With that being said, no one is perfect, and we all have things we need to work on. We should all work on things to better ourselves, whether it be eating healthier or keeping a grateful heart; whatever you feel necessary. But instead of focusing on resolutions to change who we are, focus on manifesting self-love and happiness, friendships and good fortune-- all of which are blessings to be thankful for.


Instead of making resolutions, make change. If there is something you want to change, why wait? There is no time like the present to implement change, instead of waiting for the beginning of the year. Every single day is a new day. Every day offers the chance and opportunity to make change in your life.


Failing to keep a resolution is not the end of the world. So forget the resolutions entirely. You are going to fail, and that is okay. Don’t give up. Keep working at it. Life is never perfect, and neither are we. All you can do is try your best and work hard to achieve the goals you have in sight.

Change can be good, and if you are doing it for the right reasons, then it can be really good. Just don’t feel like you have to change, unless it is what you want.  Do you, invest in you, care for you.

And as we begin to settle into the new year and new decade, it is important to keep in mind that those imperfections that we try to rid ourselves of each year are just what makes each of us special. The uniqueness about each of us creates the story to our lives, and that should be celebrated. Keep you and build on it. 


Images from Pexels